• SMS for EDU


    SMS for EDU

    -A web and phone app that broadcasts SMS texts
    -Recipients can be manually or bulk uploaded
    Request a 10 day free trial 

  • SMSforEDU


    SMSforEDU for Colleges

    -Provides additional safty to your students
    -Can be used to remind students of financial aid and add / drop deadlines
    Request a 10 day free trial 

  • SMS for K12


    SMS for K12

    -Provides additional safty to your students
    -Can directly notify all parents
    -Can be used to increase attendance at fundraising events

  • DNS for EDU


    DNS for EDU

    -Helps prevent the downloading of copyrighted content
    -Is a technology based deterent
    -Requires no additional hardware

  • Peer-to-peer



    -Crowdsourced list of peer-to-peer alternatives
    -Over 30 legal sources of movies, music & textbooks
    -Linking to the site helps fulfill the requirements of the HEOA


A real time notification system


“Higher education institutions will now be required to have the capability to immediately notify the campus community of significant emergencies, once the situation has been confirmed as an imminent threat to the health or safety of students, faculty, and staff. .  .”

-HEOA section 493


A technology based copyright infringement deterrent

“The institution certifies that the institution– (A) has developed plans to effectively combat the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including through the use of a variety of technology-based deterrents . . .”

-HEOA section 493



A free site that provides peer-to-peer alternatives


” . . .will, to the extent practicable, offer alternatives to illegal downloading or peer-to-peer distribution of intellectual property.”

-HEOA section 499